Day 1, Week 1

Total calories in: 1353, supposedly, which is way under what I should have for today.
Calories out in exercise:335
“Evil 6” free.

I love that, being on the Infero diet, I eat fewer carbs without even trying. I never feel deprived, even in these first few days each time I try.


Snack with the hubs: Popcorn. I was craving some.


Dinner: The kids were too much after a day of no napping, etc. So I didn’t eat with them. Really not normal around here, but refreshing. Instead I had two eggs, some ham and spinach. Glass of water. Meat heavy day for me, I think.


Snack: Homemade Jocolat-type thingies. Delicious. I played with this recipe.


Lunch: Raspberry green tea, leftover chicken and veg.


Breakfast: Shake with peanut butter, fuel protein powder, almond milk, banana. My favorite go-to.

Workout: Inferno MetConn 1. Feeling it. Ouch.

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